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Bought Two English Bulldogs with neurological Problems! Was sold to us as healthy! Do NOT buy these puppies that are for sale!

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Rocking K Canines - Simple Review #1408304870


Rescued 4month English Bulldog that was sold as healthy.Has Spina Bifida and will wear diapers forever. Did not share this with purchaser.

Puppy was given to rescue due to on going vet bills.Should be run out of business.NOT TRUTHFUL. A true backyard breeder.The worst kind.

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Rocking K Canines are backyard breeders


We bought a pug with full registration from them so we can show this pug. We live in a different state and had to have her shipped.

When we received her and looked at the vet paperwork, it stated that her nose was severely pinched. We called David Kilgore and he told us that his vet writes this on all paperwork. We then took the pug to our vet and he recommended surgery asap do to the fact the the pug could not breath. Also that this wasn't a show quality pug like David Kilgore promised us.

We paid 1,100.00 for her and rocking k canines David Kilgore stated to us that he would pay for 1/2 the surgery but we will need to have her spayed which will cost us $300. We got scammed from this backyard breeder.

His 1 yr warranty is bogus and we were out all this money plus a pug :( He never paid for 1/2 of the surgery and we ended up paying a total of 1700.00 on a pug that is in bad condition. David Kilgore never contacted us again.

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Lady Lake, Florida, United States #931072

We have had this same problem with David Kilgore. We bought two English Bulldogs puppies which seemed at the the time to be full health as he stated.

Sure was NOT the case. Both dogs have neurological problems. (similar to a child with down syndrome). Also the back legs of both puppies do not stand straight, they are pointed to the outside.

We Love our dogs but did not expect to have all these issues with them.

Our vet has told us they are likely inbred amd when we contacted him and spoke to them about the problem his only reply was "oh". My advice to anyone buying a puppy is to not buy from these people.


I may be lost, but you never stated why your pug wasn't showable. The nose thing is something that most pugs have.

It shouldn't be a deal breaker in the ring. Why did your vet feel that she was not showable?


How can you blame the buyers when they told

you that they did their homework on this horrible

breeder and all seemed right? They were from a different

state. People purchase animals from all over the

world. This breeder is clearly not a good one. The warnings

are right in front of your face. If you don't want to

take them seriously than you deserve to get

scammed from this so called pug breeder Dave Kilgore.

He should of made things right. Point blank


We too have had issues with this breeder. It

seems that once they have your money they are

no longer interested in you nor the dog. I too

have spoke to their vet and like all privacy issues,

they didn't say much. I had to find out the hard way.

One thing I have learned is, if I see a negative

post or comment about something I will take

it more seriously. Good luck Holly on your puppy

Purchase. I was happy to see they had 1 happy

Customer but seems to me and others, there are way

More unsatisfied families that they rolled over than satisified

families. Never will we deal with them again nor

will I recommend them to anyone. My family was

heartbroken and David nor his wife never rectified

the situation. People take these post ceriously because

we wouldn't waste our time posting if it wasn't that bad.


I did not have a single problem with my baby from them. They really love the dogs and take care of them.


I did not have a single problem with my baby from them. They really love the dogs and take care of them.


I just visited this place, I asked to see the parent and talked to their vet. I asked the vet about this review and other comments. I am happy with these people and plan on buying my pug from them


I would not buy a dog without seeing it in person. Backyard breeder do not have contracts and don't even care to talk to you after they have your money. Call the persons VET and talk to them to make sure they are a good and caring breeder.


Maybe you should of researched the breeder before

you got involved. Sorry but it sounds like you

got yourself into this. That breeder should of

Honored the health guarantee but take my advice

and next time you get involved with a breeder, do some

Research on them before sending them money.

With this being said, I would find a way to

let people know about your experience so this stops.

Sounds like they have a bad reputation in fl...


Regarding the first post... I wish you would of done more research

Before you purchased your baby. I reside in Florida and I too have heard

of rocking k canines. They unfortunate are not

Reputable pug breeders. I feel so bad for your pug.

As for the second poster... I agree 100% about staying away

From this backyard breeder. I too know several

Reputable breeders that take pride in their pups that live in Fl and make

It a pleasure to work with them from start to finish. I know

You must have a broken heart about your pug but if

You are ever in the market to get another baby...

Let me know

to Florida resident Jacksonville, Florida, United States #615139

I am looking to purchase a pug for my mother. I was looking into this breeder as well. I live in florida and I am having a hard time finding a good breeder.I would love it if you new of any great ones that I could look into.


I heard about rocking k canines in Sebring Florida.

My cousin lives out there and she has close friends that bought a pug from them.

This pug had such bad health issues and when they

contacted David Kilgore he was suppose to call them back.

That poor family never received a call back nor did

David honor their 1,yr Heath contract. It's sad that

these type of people are breeding. There are other

Great pug breeders in Florida that I can recommend

Just stay clear of rocking k canines.


Pugs can be show dogs? They are genetic disasters! They have breeding problems, joint problems, get yeast/bacterial infections in their skin folds, and are prone to obesity.

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